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Things you need to do before moving into a new home

Moving to a new home can be a stressful period for anyone. The process is time-consuming and takes over your life for a bit. While the packing and unpacking seem to be on the list of everyone’s priority there are a few things that are often neglected by folks when they move into a new home in Ottawa.  

Find a reliable locksmith in Ottawa!

This might surprise you. However, security should be at the top of the mind when moving into a new home. If you plan to keep your new home vacant for a while, then taking care of the locks is significantly important. You don’t know who has access to the home previously. It is best to change the lock system or rekey the lock. Safety first!  

Switch your address for crucial services

If you have regular subscriptions and sensitive information like bank statements and hydro bills, investment investments mailed to your old address. You should update your mailing list for these services. You wouldn't want such confidential information in the wrong hands.  

Ensure the utilities are on

Hydro, gas, trash, electricity all these are utilities that should have been transferred to your name and switched on. It is good practice to ensure that it is active. If not, you might have to reach out to your local authority at the earliest to get it transferred.  

Consider having a home security system

It is a good option for families who are away for most of the day. It is pretty popular for homes in Ottawa to invest in a good locksmith to install a reliable security system for their homes. Most of these systems thee days can be monitored from your smartphone. This becomes essential if you have kids or pets.  

Add local businesses to your contact list

You will find various local businesses in Ottawa catering to homes across the region. Have a list of essential businesses ready in case you need to use them. This list could include 24/7 locksmith in Ottawa, the appliance repair technicians, the carpenter, the electrician, etc.  

Install the internet and phone connection

Settling into a new home will be highly stressful if you aren’t online. This is especially true when work comes calling. Ensure that you have a high-speed internet set up throughout the house so you can finally settle in.  

Check the smoke and fire alarm

It is highly important to keep these active and working. The best way is to ensure that you do regular checks every couple of months to see if the machine works properly and if the batteries are active. Keep an extra set of batteries handy if the batteries on your smoke alarm give out.  

Get the new house professionally cleaned before moving in!

It can be a task to clean the dirt and mess left by the previous homeowners. The best wat o tackle this is to use the services of a professional house cleaning service. This way you can carry out other tasks on your list and checking off other items on your to-do list.   At Capital Locksmith Ottawa, we want you to feel safe in your new homes. Therefore our services are aligned to give you peace of mind. We are a reliable and trustworthy locksmith in Ottawa. We have worked with many residential clients and helped them secure their new homes with strong home-security systems. Call us at (613) 457-5135 for 24/7 Ottawa locksmith services.