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Most common commercial lock emergencies

Lock emergencies can be risky for your operation if you are a small business owner. We recommend using strong locking mechanisms in place to increase the security of your business place. With our years of expertise as a trusted Ottawa locksmith, we have discovered that these are some of the most common issues our commercial clients face.  

The door latch isn’t aligned

This happens a lot. The issue could be that there is a genuine defect in the lock or the door was not installed properly. When this happens, we suggest calling a locksmith in Ottawa, to come to check the situation at hand. These issues often go unnoticed at first, however, it is only when the weather changes do you realize that your door does not lock effectively, making it susceptible to unwanted visitors.  

Jammed locks 

Another common issue faced by old lock systems. Some locks we have encountered are so old that they haven’t been cleaned for years. As a result, the collected debris prevents the lock or door latch to perform as efficiently.


This happens when the strike plate and the bolt are misaligned. Instead of taking things into your own hands and fiddling with internal lock mechanisms, we recommend calling a commercial locksmith in Ottawa and options for a 24/7 emergency service. The locksmith will file the strike plate and fill any gaps to fix this issue.  

The exterior lock is frozen or stuck

This is quite common during the winters. One way this can be fixed is with a de-icer to thaw the lock enough to get it working properly. You don’t always need to replace the lock because it is stuck. In this case, we recommend using this method. Do not try to use other DIY, as it may damage the lock further beyond repair.   These are some of the most common issues we have faced with our commercial clients in Ottawa. We always suggest business owners be proactive about their security measures. One way to overcome such common problems is by installing electronic locks that are integrated into other systems and can be accessed via smartphones. Or having a card mechanism with a central locking system in place. This leads to reduced dependence on manual locks.   This way not only will you be upgrading the lock system but you will also be more at peace with safer security solutions. Reach out to us for commercial lock repairs or installing new locks for your commercial space. Call us at (613) 457-5135 for 24/7 Ottawa locksmith services.