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Common Electronic Lock Problems

While you won’t have problems like broken keys or locks that won’t turn when inserting your key, electronic locks still have their own set of problems that you will encounter. Having the luxury of a keyless lock can be very beneficial, but like with any electronic, every now and then things just won`t work as they should. It could be as simple as the batteries in the lock being dead or your electronic lock being jammed or the deadbolt function being faulty. Either way, problems will arise and in this article, we will go over some of the more common problems you will face when owning an electronic lock.  Before you go ahead and try to diagnose your electronic lock, be sure that the batteries within the device have been recently changed as that is the simplest fix.     

Jammed Electronic Lock

At times when an electronic lock isn`t working as it should is because it is jammed. When it is jammed the deadbolt will only be able to be engaged in one direction, either locking or unlocking the door. When a lock is jammed you may hear a clicking or grinding coming from the lock as it tries to move the deadbolt.  To assess if your lock is jammed, follow the steps below.  
  1. First, test the lock a few times to see which direction the lock is struggling with. Does it lock, but not unlock? Can the deadbolt be disengaged but not reengage? 
  2. From here, apply some light pressure on the lock to counteract any motor friction so it will move the deadbolt in either the locked or unlocked position.  
  3. If after applying the pressure the lock works as it should, you should then call a locksmith service to have a look at your jammed lock as it is a problem with the internals of the lock. 

Faulty Deadbolt Operation

If your key-pad controlled door sometimes stops working and the deadbolt does not disengage when you have entered the security code, you may have a fault deadbolt operator. This means there is a problem with one of the components in the locks and unfortunately, this will just happen from time to time. From here you will have to call a locksmith to open the electronic lock so they can find out which component has malfunctioned and fix it.   

Electronic Lock Affected by Cold Weather

In extremely cold months your lock can be affected and not work as it should. If you have experienced a drastic shift in weather recently, it can cause problems with your electronic lock. Colder weather or simply long-term use can cause the actuator in the lock not to move the other components enough to lock or unlock the bolt. As this is another problem with the components, doing it on your own is not recommended and it is best to call a locksmith.   Here are the 3 most common problems you will face if you have an electronic lock. Luckily, most of the time your electronic lock should work as it should, but every now and then luck won’t be on your side and you will have to call a locksmith to help you get back into your home.    If you need a high-quality, affordable and reliable locksmith for your business, Capital Locksmith offers 24/7 professional locksmith services across Ottawa and the surrounding area. We provide both high-security locks and lock rekeying services. Our locks are always installed by professionals so you know that they work properly and are dependable. For more advice and assistance call Capital Locksmith at (613) 457-5135. Book Now!