5 Tips for Finding the Right Ottawa Locksmith

5 Tips for Finding the Right Ottawa Locksmith

If you happen to get locked out, have any problems with your locks, or are just looking to have some new locks installed, you are going to need a locksmith. You don`t want to just pick a locksmith service at random, locks protect your family or business, so making sure they are installed or maintained by professionals is very important. A locksmith should be knowledgeable, skilled and offer quality services at affordable prices.  There are locksmiths out there that are unqualified and will attempt to scam or offer overall low-quality services. Some will claim to be local but actually, they dispatch an unlicensed technician from a center that is far away. There are also some locksmiths that will insist that the services needed for your locks are more costly than they actually are. Unfortunately, many home and business owners unknowing employ these services, not realizing they could`ve hired a better service with more reasonable pricing.   With all of this in mind, how does one pick the best locksmith service? Here are 5 great tips to use to help you find a quality locksmith. 

Know What Locksmith Services You Need

To start, you should figure out exactly what services you need. Are you locked out of your car or home? Do you need your lock repaired or replaced? The more you specify the service you need, the easier it will be to find the right locksmith for you. Once you have decided which service you need, you want to be sure that the locksmith you’re contacting is able to perform the service you need. You can do a quick online search or use a local directory to find out which services are offered by each provider so you can narrow down your choices. You should also keep an eye out for a locksmith that specializes in your needed service to better ensure they are more competent in that particular service.

Get an Estimate

After knowing the service you need, the next step is figuring out how much it will cost you. This goes back to the previous section, being aware of exactly what service you will be needing will allow you to better find out an estimate. Be very specific about what you want and make sure you get the cost upfront so you aren’t surprised by the price when they arrive because you were too vague about what you needed. Also, make sure you ask for a written copy of the quotes requested. Call many different companies and compare prices, being sure that they are adding all of the related fees and charges to the estimate.

Get a Referral

A great way to find out which locksmith provides quality, affordable service is through the recommendation of a third party. A friend, family member, or neighbour who has worked with them in the past can share their first-hand experience of the locksmith and let you know if they are the right choice. If you can’t get a referral from anyone you know personally, trying asking your insurance provider, they often maintain lists of reputable locksmiths and may even recommend a particular locksmith themselves.

Review Their Credentials

While looking around for estimates, also check that the locksmith service is insured. This way if any damage to your property is done during the repair, you will be covered. Also, when they do arrive ask them to provide their business or identification card before they start to see if the business name is the same as the one on their vehicle and your invoice. If they are certified professionals, they should have no problems showing you their credentials.

Review All Documentation

Once you have found a locksmith that provides the service you need, has the right credentials and has given you a fair estimate, make sure they confirm the discussed estimate when they arrive at your home. Do not pay for the service until you have agreed to the work quoted. Having quality locks you can count on is very important. You don`t want to hire someone who just sees a paycheque, you want a professional who is dedicated to providing quality products and services. With these 5 tips in mind and some patience, finding the right locksmith won`t be such a painful process. If you need a high-quality, affordable and reliable locksmith, Capital Locksmith offers 24/7 professional locksmith services across Ottawa and the surrounding area. Our locks are always installed by professionals so you know that they work properly and are dependable. For more advice and assistance call Capital Locksmith at (613) 457-5135. Book Now!