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High-Security Locks For Your Commercial Property

Every business owner understands the importance of security. Being in control of your property, data, and inventory is essential if you do not want to incur losses. The main defense of any property comes in the form of locks and security systems. Given the value of your equipment and any products in stock, it's important to make sure that the necessary measures are taken to ensure that you are protected. Whether you have just taken occupation of a particular property or you wish to upgrade your security, a commercial locksmith will be the best expert to consult regarding high-security locks.

What are High-Security Locks?


High tech security systems like the ones we see in the movies are not necessarily financially feasible for smaller businesses with limited resources. Although you might not be able to afford a fancy fingerprint access or key-less entry system, this does not mean that you have to give up on security altogether. High-security locks offer more benefits than regular locks without costing as much as more intricate systems. The cylinder inside the lock is what provides resistance to bumping, picking, and other methods of forcible entry commonly used by thieves. It is this extra resistance that keeps burglars from gaining access to your commercial property.

How do high-security locks work?

When you choose high-security locks, you will enjoy a number of fantastic features that will help you rest that much easier at night. The most notable of all features is the fact that they come with an independent locking mechanism. This mechanism is operated by a single key which is why they are virtually impossible to pick, and bump keys will not work either. There are even some kinds of high-security lock systems that prevent unauthorized duplication which means that you can rest assured you are the only one with a copy. For extra durability, these locks are made from the toughest materials like hardened steel alloy bolts. This prevents burglars from hammering, sawing, prying, or wrenching the lock open. Just like any other lock, there are a number of different high-security locks available. This is why it is so important to consult a commercial locksmith and have them supply and fit your high-security locks. The durable nature of these locks does not only keep burglars at bay. It also means that these locks last longer. You can expect to pay more than you would for regular locks, but they will more than earn their keep over time.

Why replace your traditional locks?high-security-locks-for-commercial

If you have regular locks that are practically new and you've never had a problem with burglars in the past, you might wonder why you need to have the locks replaced with those of the high-security variety. Well, simply put, there are a number of problems when it comes to traditional locks. Firstly, they are prone to lock picking and key bumping. Bump key sets can be purchased for a remarkably low price and they are even available online these days! The same can be said for various lock pick sets. These tools allow burglars to gain access High-Security Locks For Your Commercial Properties to your property without leaving any signs that they were even there! The only thing you will notice is that your door is no longer locked and various items will be missing. Traditional locks can be picked in a matter of minutes, or even seconds, which means that thieves will be in and out in record time. Keys can be duplicated quickly and easily these days. If you so much as leave your keys on your desk while you are out of your office or if you hand them over to somebody like a neighbor or valet attendant, you are giving them the opportunity to copy them. You just never know who might take the opportunity to make a copy of your key so that they can enter your business without you knowing. If a thief is not able to make a copy of your key and they don't have the time or tools to pick the lock, the pure force will certainly do the trick. The fact that your property was broken into will be obvious in this case, but to a thief who is already long gone, does this really matter? They broke the lock, got what they were after and bolted. The chances of finding them are often slim – especially if you don't have any security cameras and if they are properly disguised. Not only will you need to replace any stolen items, but you will also need new locks and, if the door is damaged, you'll have to replace that too. You have worked tirelessly to get your business off the ground and help it grow every month. A burglary can be a serious setback for any commercial business. Don't give thieves that opportunity. Call Capital Locksmith at (613) 457-5135 for expert advice and assistance with high-security locks to keep your business, assets, and inventory safe.