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Types of locks and how to choose the right one for your home

Home security is a priority no matter where you live. Any locksmith in Ottawa will confirm that the right locks can make all the difference. Each lock serves its own purpose and it's important to understand the benefits as well as the limitations of each type of lock before installation.  


These are a popular choice in homes since they are basic yet effective. That said, your locksmith Ottawa will most likely recommend that you combine this lock with another locking mechanism like the standard door lock that you already have installed. Since it cannot be moved from its locked position without a key, it offers more security than a spring bolt lock.   

Mortise locks

While these locks are not as common as deadbolts, they actually offer greater security. They are recessed and set in the door frame. This makes them more difficult to simply kick in. As can be expected, more security comes at a higher price which is one of the reasons why we do not see these locks on every Ottawa property. Your locksmith in Ottawa will also confirm that mortise locks are usually installed on commercial properties rather than residential ones. If you run your business from home or if you have some expensive investments to protect, however, they could be a justifiable investment.   

Keyless entry locks

Many people like the look and convenience of keyless entry locks but they do not always consider how much protection they really offer. Before you invest in one of these locks, take note of the ANSI Grade. Grade 1 is the highest security and often used for commercial properties. Grade 2 offers high security for homes while Grade 3 is the lowest and most basic level of security. In many cases, as sophisticated as they may seem, keyless entry locks are only rated at Grade 3. If you are unsure, ask your locksmith Ottawa for some expert advice.   

Smart locks

Technology seems to be finding its way into every aspect of our lives – including home security. Smart locks, unlike keyless locks, are linked to your phone. They offer home automation integration functions. For example, they can be automatically unlocked if your phone is nearby. You can also create limited-use passcodes for guests. So, if you are away and you need to allow your neighbour access to your home, you can do so with a temporary access code. This can be done from your smartphone and it is extremely convenient. Again, before having one of these locks installed, you should always do your research, discuss various options with your locksmith in Ottawa and let them help you choose the right lock to suit your needs.    At Capital Locksmith Ottawa, our team is trained and experienced to assist with everything from new lock installations to various locksmith emergencies. If you need a new lock, lock replacement, lock rekeying or any other professional locksmith service, you can always depend on our team to arrive quickly. We understand that your top concern is your safety and securing your personal property. We also understand that the wide variety of locks and brands on the market can be extremely confusing. Feel free to ask our team for advice regarding the best locks to suit your needs and budget. In many cases, more than one lock is ideal for your entry door and any other door that leads to the exterior of your property. At the same time, your windows and any other possible entry points should also be properly secured in order to ensure that your home is not left vulnerable to potential intruders.