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What to Do if You Got Locked Out of Your Car

When you are locked out of your car, it can be an extremely stressful experience. There are a number of ways you can work this problem but there are also several variables to consider. For example, if you are home, you will probably handle things differently than if you are out and about. Here are some helpful ideas you can try if you are locked out of your car. Of course, one sure way is by contacting an emergency locksmith.

Check all the doors

Start by taking a deep breath and check all of the doors to make sure that there isn’t perhaps one still unlocked. It might sound too obvious, but you might just catch a break and find that one of your doors is not locked and you can gain entry this way.

Get the spare

Your car should have at least two keys. One should be kept in a safe spot for just such emergencies. If you are at home and your spare key is nearby, then problem solved. If your key is not accessible, you could ask a friend or family member to bring the key to you. This might require some extra waiting since they may need to drive to your home before picking up your key and bringing it to you.

Is there an emergency?

emergency-locksmithDepending on your situation, there could be a serious need to open your car. For example, if it's a warm or hot day and there is a baby or pet locked in the car, you might not be able to wait for even a minute. Hot cars are a significant threat to the lives of children and animals. Many people resort to breaking a window in order to allow fresh air to flow into the vehicle and to rescue the child or pet inside. Breaking a window is not always easy. You should not target the front windshield since they are the thickest and toughest of all. Side windows are the easiest to break, but you will need a hard object like a large rock or hammer. The center of the glass is the toughest part so you should break the edge instead. It's best to break the window that is located far from anyone in the car. When breaking a window, the glass will fall inside the car. The last thing you want is for pieces of glass to cause any injuries. If you can't break the glass yourself, ask for help. If need be, call the local emergency services for assistance.

Try popping the lock

Sometimes vehicle owners manage to successfully pop the lock themselves. Some common tricks include using a wire coat hanger or even a deflated blood pressure cuff. These tricks might work on some cars but they don't work on all vehicle locks. In addition, trying one of these methods could cause more harm than good. You could end up damaging the lock or even other parts of your car too. It's also extremely time-consuming and, if you are in a hurry, you might not have the luxury of taking your time. In addition, if you have never popped a lock before, it can take even longer. If you are not home, you might not be able to get your hands on the supplies needed which means that you're back to square one. Don't panic just yet, however! You still have one more option that is sure to work!

Call an emergency locksmith

professional-emergency-locksmithAn emergency locksmith is the best idea for several situations. Firstly, if you need to get into your car quickly, you should call a locksmith expert for assistance. Even if you wait a few minutes for them to arrive, it will still be a lot quicker than trying to figure out how to open your car yourself. Secondly, if you are worried about damaging the lock or your car, then you need a reputable auto locksmith. Experts carry the right tools to get the job done and you don't need to worry about any unnecessary damage to your vehicle. Another reason to call a trained expert is if you are locked out of your car and you are far from home. Especially if it's getting late and you do not want to be locked out of your car in a dark parking lot. At Capital Locksmith, our team has the training and experience in auto locks. We are available 24/7 which means that no matter the day or the time, we will always be ready to assist. We offer speedy service throughout Ottawa and our team of professional emergency locksmith professionals always put the needs of our clients first. Call (613) 457-5135 for all your emergency auto locksmith needs.